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But here he comes to answer for himself. Roland Graeme entered the apartment with a loftier mien, and somewhat a higher colour than his wont; there was embarrassment in his manner, but it was neither auto automobile hebdo montreal of fear nor of penitence. Young man, said the Lady, what trow you I auto automobile hebdo montreal to think of your conduct this day. If it has offended you, madam, I am deeply grieved, replied the youth. To have offended me alone, replied the Lady, were but little-You have been guilty of conduct which will highly offend your master-of violence to your fellow-servants, and of disrespect to God himself, in the person of his ambassador. Permit me again to reply, said the page, that if I have offended my only mistress, friend, and benefactress, it includes the sum of my guilt, and deserves the sum of my penitence-Sir Halbert Glendinning calls me not servant, nor do I call him master-he is not entitled to blame me for chastising an insolent groom-nor do I fear the wrath of Heaven for treating with scorn the unauthorized interference of a meddling preacher. The Lady of Avenel had before this seen symptoms in her favourite of boyish petulance, and of impatience of censure or reproof.
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